May 18, 2009


17 May 2009 Our friends’ wedding

Angel’s friends from Korea Uni. Phil. Dept. Gradschool

Stephen had hurt himself playing basketball the day before

He got his forehead and nose scratched badly… ūüė¶



Here are some pictures of us hanging out with friends from the Ancient Greek class.¬† Ancient Greek is interesting to read, but maybe I think I am going to start learning the vocabulary and grammar… kinda scary, maybe not so useful for me, but we’ll see.¬† Wish me luck!


May 12, 2009


We went to Chungtaesan again for another trip, and we went hiking, but we couldn’t go up to the top because it was so dry.¬† We still had fun though.¬† It’s always nice to go and we took lots of pictures.

18-19 April


May 12, 2009


This night we went out and met our friend ž§Äžö© (Joon-Yong).¬† We ate some chicken and had a good time.¬† Later we stopped by the $1 concert hall again.

14 April


May 12, 2009


This is us hanging out with some of our friends, žú§Ūēė(Yoon-ha) and žě¨žĄ≠(Jae-seop) (and Jae-min, who had to leave early).¬† We went to go see the movie Rain, which was about a girl trying to improve her life in the Bahamas through sports (running, in this case).¬† The director was there, so we got to ask some questions.¬† We all went to have some smoothies afterwards, and Angel and I tried hot smoothie.¬† It was interesting.

12 April

May 11, 2009


31 Mar 2009 Angel’s birthday @ home, KT Arthall

Stephen cooked the most delicious tomato garlic pasta for dinner

and we went to this 1 dollar Jazz concert near home

May 11, 2009


31 Mar 2009, Angel’s birthday, @63 Building

IMAX theater: we watched a Japanese Children’s IMAX movie. It was ok I guess….!

Aquarium: doctor fish that bite(?) your fingers(or the dead skin on your fingers –¬†it feels like¬†when¬†puppies licking your hands), a hidden camera in one of the little tanks, shaking hands with otters(what otters¬†wanted was not really shaking hands with you¬†though, they just wanted food!), a short scubadivers’ show with fish friends(mostly for kids), and so on…!

Angel’s Birthday

May 11, 2009


63 Building in Seoul

there are skyview art gallery, aquarium, IMAX theater

Sara in Seoul

May 11, 2009


22 Mar 2009

Sara visited us in Seoul. We had a wonderful Chinese meal for lunch and took a walk together. We really had a great time with Sara! Thanks Sara!

Valentine’s Day

May 11, 2009


Jazz Pianist Ronn Branton’s Jazz Valentine Concert @ Yapgujeong, Seoul

Italian Gourmet @ Danielle’s Kitchen